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:bulletblue: Since Misty was once part of the Ocean, she has the ability to talk to Pokemon, but sadly, she can only talk to water types.



:iconlegendary-hunter: :iconn--harmonia: :icondontcallmesilv: :iconyoure-ali-weak: :iconkeepon-moving: :icontouya-of--unova:


:iconlegendary-hunter: :icontouya-of--unova: :iconn--harmonia:


Just getting rid of empty space..


AU!Little Mermaid themed! Misty

||Misty||Greenish-blue||Orange||Female||Tsundere||Bossy||Can actually be motherly, or at least be viewed as an older sister||Tomboy||

With a little twist to the story of "The Little Mermaid", having a modern Pokemon day feel, Misty is a former mermaid who had made a deal to become human to be with the one she loves; though, the love is unacquainted, since the man..Er...boy, of her dreams is very oblivious to her feelings.

Misty has a word limit, and can only say a certain amount of words per day, having her to think about what she should say and how she should say it. Because of the Word limit, she will often be silent, and can't keep up a conversation. Misty's human wardrobe is mostly filled up with swimsuits or shorts, she doesn't really like to wear actual clothing, since she's not use to wearing much.

Misty is mostly seen near large bodies of water, usually swimming or looking into it. She had gotten into Pokemon training as well, and has pokemon of her own, all, if not a large some of them are Water types.


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A mermaid? a Daughter of the Mighty Poseidon? Hmm...
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